Dick (Bendroth at CHS) Douse (1957)

Profile Updated: September 20, 2011
Dick (Bendroth at CHS) Douse (1957)
Residing In: Oak Run, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Tammy
Homepage: http://www.rtdouse.com
Occupation: Writer
Children: Jenny born 1961; Shannon born 1966
Military Service: U.S. Navy  
Yes! Attending Reunion

I became a Navy photographer and later worked for General Dynamics/Pomona as an industrial photographer, eventually becoming supervisor of their audio-visual and color photography departments.

Tiring of city life, in 1970 I uprooted my family and relocated in far northern California. Other than class reunions, I have never looked back.

Now retired from a career in real estate as salesman, broker, and a real estate appraiser, my wife, Tammy, and I now reside on a 38 acre property between Palo Cedro and Oak Run. We are entirely off the electrical grid and have been since 1998. We collect rainwater off our roof for domestic use and raise most of our own vegetables. You are welcome to visit our web site, http://www.rtdouse.com and learn about our off grid life style. Just click on the link, "Our off grid home called Rocky Top."

My new novel, "The Next - an omen" is now available from Amazon.com in paperback and in Kindle form. I was honored several years ago when a mutual teacher, friend, and mentor to many of us reviewed the draft copy and wrote the following:

"Young folk could learn much from your splendid novel. It is scientifically scrupulous, as Greg Benford's work is. I think you have a winner here. Good luck! Doc Polos"

I recently published anotherl book titled, "The Ballad of Dead Eye Jim and other poems." It is available on Kindle.